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5'7" - 170cm
Outcall Only


1 hourPOAPOA
90 minPOAPOA
2 hoursPOA$5000
3 hoursPOAPOA
Additional hourPOAPOA
Dinner date-POA


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Gina from Absolute Angels Bangkok Escorts.

Gina is an incredibly beautiful and elegant Bangkok escort. At the tender age of 23 she is the perfect combination of youthful exuberance and relative experience. Gina is full of energy which is waiting to spend on you.

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Vanessa says:
Feb 16, 2016

Sansanruthai is a homewrecking whore. 1 star for destroying an innocent family while slutting around with married men.

Vickie says:
Aug 28, 2015

I would give her 0 stars. This creature who claimed her name was Nittaya slutted around Bahrain posing as a teacher and knowingly slept with a married man on several occasions and then to finish the job had the brazen audacity to post the photos on Facebook and Instagram for all of the world to see including family, friends, and loved one's of this pathetic soul that she lured in at Dublin Club in Bahrain. She proudly and shamelessly displayed her filth while professing her love and adoration for this man she did not know alongside other photos of filthy johns she has picked up along the way. She is a classless, disgusting bottom-feeder with absolutely no respect. When confronted about her scandalous activities she showed no shame and went as far as to threaten this pathetic man's family, hoping to shame him into leaving them for her.

Sadly, this lying sack of shit was unsuccessful since she gave him a fake name and was discovered to be an escort. Obviously a catch of the day! To add to the pathetic nature of this comedy is the fact that this international whore who poses online as @nongsanru, K sanrithai, and KH Nan Keawthong, had the nerve to steal private data and personal photos of the pathetic individual which was lured into her psychotic web and then impersonate the man on Facebook...Sad way to earn cash, attention, and married men. "Elegant" women do not carry themselves in such a pathetic and desperate manner. And married men do not leave their wives for international sluts. Whoever taught this girl how to wreck a home wasn't too smart because it is simply unattractive. Attention MEN: If you see this girl run as fast as you can for the hills or you will be reduced to a pile of humiliation and destruction and with any luck you might get away without contracting an STD.